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Anime is one of the fast-paced growing niche in the entertainment industry, with classic anime such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Full-Metal Alchemist, MyHeroAcademia, and Naruto gaining a worldwide fan base we knew we had to provide our users with a way to watch all the latest animes.

9Anime is arguably one of the most used anime streaming websites for watching anime online mainly because of features such an HD quality anime streams and an interactive interface. A user can also download an anime episode in 240p or 1080p and watch it offline. You can also choose to watch English subtitled and dubbed versions of any anime series from the huge library provided by 9anime.

9anime is a free website that renders anime from various genres, its homepage features the latest and most trending anime movies and series so you can watch it with minimal hassle. The pinnacle of its features is that you are not asked to sign up or register to get access to anime shows, a feature that most users can relate with.

However, for any reason, if you are not able to use 9anime for streaming anime TV series and movies, then you can easily find an alternative website from this list of the best 9anime websites that are all similar sites to 9Anime.


The best 9anime alternatives

Here are the best alternatives to 9anime (Free and Safe)

  • KissAnime
  • Kiss Anime
  • AnimeHeroes
  • KuroAni
  • GogoAnime
  • Animeland
  • AnimeUltima
  • Crunchyroll
  • JustDubs
  • 123animes


KissAnime is counted as one of the most preferred anime streaming sites and 9Anime alternatives that offer good quality anime content for its viewers. It is one of the sites similar to 9Anime that has gained popularity from around the world, specifically in countries like China and Japan.

You will find any popular anime content on the website. It holds an expansive library for manga and anime series from Japan.

Since the site is regularly updated with recent content, you will be able to find all the latest episodes and seasons on KissAnime. Additionally, you can also enjoy watching the English subbed and dubbed anime videos. It has a mobile-friendly interface for convenient use.

You can get the ad-free version by registering with the website. With these features offered it is one of the best anime streaming sites like 9Anime to download and watch anime.

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is another site similar to 9Anime for streaming anime online. It is not the same as KissAnime however the features have some resemblance. Kiss Anime provides an extensive collection of anime series, TV shows, and movies.

You can sort the content according to ‘Latest Episodes’ and ‘ Trending’. It also allows you to explore their content with the categories offered under which all the content is divided. All these features are offered by Kiss Anime are for free of cost and is definitely one of the best 9Anime alternatives.


AnimeHeroes is a free anime series and movie streaming and downloading website. This is one of the safest 9Anime alternatives to browse anime content. It has fast loading and downloading speed as well.

AnimeHeroes also allows it’s users to watch anime videos in high definition between 780p and 1080p. The whole website is easy to navigate as there are no ads to interrupt your experience.

It is a favorable 9Anime alternative for the simple interface. You can also download videos to watch offline. AnimeHeroes also provides English dubbed videos.


KuroAni is one of the best anime streaming websites. It is also a great option for cartoon movies. All the content offered is free. KuroAni is one of the sites like 9Anime that has an expansive collection of anime videos including series, TV shows, and movies.

The site also allows you to download videos to watch offline. There is no registration required to watch any of the videos. It is also a safe site to browse anime videos.


Like most other anime streaming websites on this list of sites like 9Anime, GoGoAnime is achieving increasing popularity as an anime streaming app.

The convenient interface lets you list your favorite anime for you to view anytime. It also has a mobile app for you to access all the content available on the site. GoGoAnime also offers English subbed and dubbed anime videos.

It also provides a platform for its users to discuss the series, movies, ideas, problems, etc. The customer service is also quick and supportive.

You can search for anime based on genres, watch-list preference, release dates, latest releases, etc. GoGoAnime offers these features for absolutely free. The website always accepts user feedback and ideas. These features build GoGoAnime to be a brilliant 9Anime alternative.


Animeland is a relatively old website that offers free anime streaming, but unlike some of its counterparts, this site made sure to release frequent updates so there is no compromising when it comes to the loading speed and user interface.

Animeland is a very interactive website that will give you anime suggestions as per the genre of anime that you have previously watched which makes it a very good alternative to 9anime. Animeland also provides you with the latest updates surrounding the anime universe while also being one of the first websites on which the latest anime episode or movie is released.

Overall it is one of the top websites where you can watch high-quality anime videos and get the latest updates on anime, you would not want to miss out on this site.

Hulu is one of the best alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and TV Shows.


As a true anime lover, you are sure to fall in love with the huge collection of classic anime shows, anime series, and movies that are provided by AnimeUltima. It features some of the rarest anime streams that you can watch for free which makes it one of the best 9Anime alternatives.

Not everyone can understand the original version of anime videos, which is why Animeultima also features free anime videos in English subbed and dubbed versions.

It is not easy to find and connect with a fellow anime fan, but this website is more than just a platform to watch anime for free, rather it allows you to network with anime lovers from all over the world, conduct polls, create events and forums and so much more.

Another very useful feature about this free site is that it gives you daily updates and news about the anime drama, TV shows, movies, or series. To sum it, AnimeUltima is a free website that is made to meet all the needs and demands of a true anime lover.

AnimeUltima is one of the best alternatives to 9Anime for watching Anime Movies and TV Shows.


Crunchyroll is one of the safest and legal sites to download and watch anime online on iOS, Android, and PC. As a free anime streaming site, Crunchyroll has a massive collection of anime movies, TV shows, drama, and anime series with nearly 25,000 latest episodes and 15,000 hours of the most trending anime series videos.

If you have recently completed watching the latest chapter of your favorite anime then Crunchyroll will provide you with suggestions of similar anime shows and provide you with high-quality anime streams for free. This anime streaming platform has its own app as well as a website where you can watch the dubbed version of anime videos along with English and Chinese subtitles.

The free version of Crunchyroll displays ads so if you want an ad-free site like 9anime then you will opt for the premium version of Crunchyroll which is ad-free and offers additional benefits as well.

That being said, The free version of Crunchyroll is arguably one of the best alternatives to 9Anime to watch Anime Movies and TV Shows for free.


When it comes to watching anime movies and TV shows, JustDubs is hands down one of the best alternatives to 9anime. Both sites have a very fast loading speed and allow you to select the quality in which you wish to watch free anime from 240p to 1080p. JustDubs has a vast collection of vintage anime videos which makes it a highly sought after site to watch anime tv shows and movies.

The user interface and home page are also very efficient as it features a list of all the latest and trending anime streams from which you can choose from. If you do not find the anime show that you want to watch you can type the keywords in the search tab and find the best streams to it.

If you are not familiar with the local language of Japan, then JustDubs will suit you to the best it also provides English subtitles and dubbed videos, which is the preferred way of overseas anime lovers to watch anime. Another feature that you will certainly love is that there are no pop-ups, ads, or any redirecting links of phishing websites placed on this free site.


Another highly rated site to watch anime is 123animes which is a top alternative anime streaming site like 9Anime. On 123animes you can watch all the latest anime series, Anime movies, and also stream cartoon TV shows for free.

This website is not just a simple anime streaming site rather it is an interactive platform for anime lovers where you interact with other anime fans and discuss plots of upcoming anime chapters and so much more.

Another top feature about 123animes is that it offers high-quality streams to English dubbed and subbed versions. The UI interface is also very elegant which makes it easy to navigate and search for your favorite anime. Overall 123animes is a very nice 9Anime alternative in case you need to switch sites.

If I had to pick the best from the lot then I would pick 123animes as the best alternative to 9Anime with kissanime and GogoAnime coming in at 2nd and 3rd place among the top sites like 9anime for watching anime series and movies.

Honourable mention- YouTube

Let’s admit it, Youtube is the first app or website we visit in search for any trending video, or a video tutorial for almost any topic. And as it goes Youtube has some pretty effective channels where you can watch Anime series and movies for free and also find eng sub and dub versions of an anime.

It is no surprise that 30 of the top anime creators including the likes of Toei Animations have united and formed their own Youtube channel called Animelog which is forecasted to get over 300 million views per month.

If you still haven’t found your ideal website to watch anime, you will certainly find it from this list of the best anime streaming sites where you can watch anime for free.


Netflix is also a really good alternative to 9Anime that you can try out right now; even though the service is paid and not free of cost like some of the alternatives that are mentioned on this list, Netflix is still a really good option for you to try out.

Over at Netflix, you are obviously able to watch tons of original movies and tv shows that are produced by Netflix, and there is no doubt about that.

However, Netflix has also seen how big of an audience there really is for anime, as well, and it features some of the most popular and beloved Anime series and movies on its platform, as well.

Although, the one annoying thing about it is the fact that Netlfix’s content is geo-blocked so that basically means that some of the stuff that you are able to see in countries like India, you won’t be able to see in another country.

Even with all that said, Netflix as a whole is a pretty great streaming service that many people use, and if you are looking for a safe and legal way to watch all your favourite anime shows, then you should try out Netflix.


That brings us to the end of the best alternatives too 9anime where you can watch anime for free or even download anime in high-quality and watch it offline. The above-mentioned websites do not contain any virus or malicious content, however, a few of them may ask you to sign in to unlock premium benefits. Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you think about this list.

11 of the best 9anime alternatives (Free & Safe) – Geekymint (2024)
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