20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (2024)

We have gathered 20 of the best sites like 9Anime (now Aniwave) to watch anime TV shows and movies. Enjoy anime with ease!

Tips: 9anime has been rebranded to AniWave by the end of 2023 because of DMCA issues and multiple ISPs blocking the domain.

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9Anime is a popular free anime streaming website all the time. It includes a broad type of genres and allows users to watch high-quality anime for free handily. And there are many websites like 9Anime on the Internet that you can add to your collection of anime websites in case of 9Anime not working or if you want to switch to a new streaming website. Meanwhile, given that the big name in the field, Kissanime website got closed up by its eighth year, it is a good practice to find a 9Anime alternative anyway.
Our list involves 13 free anime streaming sites and 7 officially verified platforms. Based on your demands, choose your favorite website.

Disclaimer: The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with third-party websites, and will never advocate any copyright infringement action.

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    Part 1: 13 Free Anime Sites like 9Anime

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (7)


    AnimeHeaven is a wonderland to watch anime content. It covers a large number of anime series and TV shows from classic to ongoing ones. The defined and well-designed search filters help find out anime swimmingly. No matter you prefer anime with original Japanese audio with English subtitles or English dubbed content, you can always find whatever you need on AnimeHeaven. Multiple servers are accessible for watching anime there to achieve smooth and fast loading. Moreover, AnimeHeaven supports HD quality up to 1080p.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (8)


    AnimeVibe focuses on ad-free and fast anime streaming experience. Its library convers all genres and a lot of big titles can be watched on this site like 9Anime. If you want to catch up with trendy series and movies, AnimeVibe is also a good destination. AnimeVibe not only features fast streaming speed, but also enables users to watch both subbed and dubbed anime at one go.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (9)


    Animeland is for anime fans who are used to watching dubbed anime. This website serves users with dubbed versions of many well-known series whilst new episodes are updated regularly. Another bonus of the website is it allows users to download episodes for offline viewing. Video qualities vary from 480p to 1080p.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (10)

    GoGoAnime (Now Anitaku)

    Gogoanime is a complete anime website that has both dubbed and subbed anime, classic titles and latest releases, fast loading capability, and download feature. On the basis of its huge anime library, Gogoanime features well-organized navigation design, which helps to locate an anime in no time. What’s more, Gogoanime ensures constant update of new episodes to satisfy anime fans hunger for more series and movies. This website also provides Donghua from China.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (11)


    AnimeFreak collects thousands of dubbed and subbed anime episodes, from popular long-running anime that you may have started to watch since your childhood, to ongoing series of 2022. The website uses a collapsed navigation menu on the top left corner. You can access ongoing, latest, popular, and different genres of anime content on AnimeFreak by means of matching filters and it delivers streams quickly in a decent quality. However, it may get more recommendations if there is less intensive advertising on AnimeFreak.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (12)


    There are many anime websites using the Masterani domain name and the most renowned one is Masterani.me. Notwithstanding, Masterani.me is closed now. So if you’re looking for a Masterani website, Masterani.one is one of the good stations you can have a try. It has a considerable number of anime series and movies classified by genres, release years, and A-Z initial. Videos on Masterani.on are also available for downloading.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (13)

    AnimeDao (Down)

    Many people have found, frustratingly, there are endless pop-ups and directs when browsing on most free anime websites, but which is how a free website is able to continue to run and be maintained. Fortunately, websites that can bring less disturbing viewing experience still exist, and AnimeDao is exactly the case. This 9Anime alternative has a fairly user-friendly interface, coming with less ads but you still need to be careful about the pop-ups on the video player page. Meanwhile, its anime library is massive enough to meet different anime fans’ demands. New videos are updated on AnimeDao every day and dubbed & subbed anime series and movies can be easily found though its quick search filters.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (14)


    The site is a good place for both subbed and dubbed anime. So far, over 2000 anime can be viewed on Animeultima. Anime fans are able to explore anime series and films via the search filters and its quick search functions but registration is required for accessing its complete anime list. Animeultima provides multiple servers for anime and allows users to stream videos up to 1080p. A good point making Animeultima different from other sites like 9 anime is it supports switching video version between dubbed and subbed in the video player page directly. But the constant pop-ups on the video player is still a defect.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (15)


    The main page of Animepahe is fairly simple with latest releases listed and it doesn’t come with dazzling filters. You can either search for an anime series via the search box or its anime Index page based on letters. Most anime on Animepahe are subbed and the maximum resolution is 1080p. Additionally, Animepahe allows you to download anime to local folder. One thing you need to be aware of, however, is the pop-ups on the video player page and an ad-blocker extension should be useful for optimize your viewing experience.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (16)

    AnimeTV (Down)

    AnimeTV is also a nice spot for anime fans. It is similar with many other alternatives, having types of popular and new anime TV shows and movies and enabling people to discover their adored anime videos based upon popularity, genres, titles, etc. Most anime on AnimeTV are subbed with original Japanese audio. Different servers are available for one episode so you can switch to any of other servers when there is no response. AnimeTV also offers download option below each video.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (17)


    Animixplay is a promised land for the anime addiction, with a huge catalog of popular anime all the time and releases on the air. And Animixplay can satisfy the taste of people who are fussy about quality. You can switch servers for streaming an episodes in either dubbed or subbed if there are multiple servers available. Most importantly, there is no ads and pop-ups at all. Streaming on Animixplay requires no sign-up, but you can use more additional features as a registered user.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (18)


    Many anime fans also use 4anime as their must-go place. We include it into our list of sites like 9Anime considering that its strong prevalence on the Internet, extensive and huge collection, convenient search options, and fast access to streams. 4anime principally updates English subbed anime at up to 1080p quality. You can also save anime from 4anime for offline viewing in case of no net connection on your device later.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (19)

    Animekisa (Down)

    Animekisa highlights fast, ad-free, and high quality anime viewing experience. At the same time, it can give matching results to 99% of your queries. In addition to original anime with English subtitles, Animeksia also has a significant number of dubbed titles. All videos on Animekisa are supported for downloading. Compared with other options in the list, if you expect fast and smooth streaming, Animekisa is the better destination.

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    If you are worried about piracy or other copyright issues when using free anime websites like 9Anime, the following list is how you can watch anime online legally without any trouble.

    7 Alternatives to 9Anime Where You Can Watch Anime Legally

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (20)


    Anime-Plant is a community based website built up by anime fans. The website is devoted to offering people with legal free anime and manga, and also a platform to discuss things on anime and manga. While most legal streaming websites require premium subscription for streaming their content, Anime-Plant is a rare exception where many episodes are free of charge through its partnerships with Crunchyroll and HIDIVE and official content from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Some anime content may not be available on certain countries. To check whether you are able to watch an anime, click into its info page and if there is a Watch online now section with all episodes of the anime listed below its synopsis, the anime is available on your region. And most content from Anime-Planet is accessible on the US.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (21)

    Animelab (Down)

    AnimeLab is another legal streaming service for people in Australia and New Zealand. At present its media library includes 751 shows & movies with thousands of episodes and most big and latest titles are covered. The AnimeLab basic plan is free yet only allows users to access limited anime content and use pars of its features. AnimeLab is versatile on Android, iOS, Xbox devices, Playstation devices and Telstra TV.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (22)


    Netflix is a leading subscribed-based video streaming platform that has all-inclusive video streams. The Netflix Anime is where you can find various popular and latest anime series. Since Netflix is a paid stream service, you need to buy one of its three Netflix subscription plans for streaming video content. And due to region restriction, some anime on Netflix may not be accessible on your country. For example, American fans can’t watch Kimi No Na Wa on Netflix currently.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (23)


    Dedicated to anime dubbing, Funimation is well-regarded as one of the industry-leading platform in this filed. It covers a large collection of exclusive series and movies under its huge immense catalog of titles. Funimation rolls out three subscription plans, as well, at varied prices and for different features.

    Learn how to download Funimation videos.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (24)


    It seems that the discussion of Funimation VS Cyunchyroll never stop. But since we have mentioned the former, there is a good reason to include Cyunchyroll in to our list, as well. The anime-streaming service has over 1,000 anime shows in its roster including these big names and some niche anime titles. Streaming on Cuunchyroll is free yet you have to put up with ads and limited selection of anime titles. There are different Premium plans for different users.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (25)


    Hulu is another dominant subscription video on demand service that start with $5.99 per month. Although Hulu seems to put less emphasis on anime, when you want to stream some dubbed version of anime that you can’t find on other platforms, Hulu is where you can take your chance.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (26)

    Amazon Prime Video

    You may wonder why we put Prime Video into our list of sites like 9Anime. Seriously, it can be a better option when you only want to watch and keep some favorite anime series or films on your devices legally, especially for casual fans who are addicted to a certain title. You can browse and decide which one to buy through people’s review and production description and even buy a collector's edition box sets. The price is always reasonable when compared with similar platforms.

    We have gone through 20 anime sites like 9Anime. Hopefully, you can get your best solution in this list.

    20 Sites like 9Anime to Stream Anime Online (2024)
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