Adopt LUCY-MICHIGAN on Petfinder (2024)


Meet Lovely Lucy-Michigan, a female 2 year old Mini Goldendoodle in a foster home in East Lansing, Michigan.

*Please read ALL the information in Lucy's listing before applying to ensure you understand what she needs to be successful in her new home.

*If you would like to be considered as a potential adopter for Lucy, please complete our adoption application at URL into your browser).

*If you completed an adoption application in the last 3 months & would like for your application to be considered for Lucy, please email that to us to

*You must complete our adoption application fully. If you choose not to answer all the questions in the application, your application will not be considered. We will review your application & email you if you made our short list of applicants for Lucy. Please respond within 24 hours if you receive an email from us about making our short list.

*You can check the status of her adoption at or any of our social media pages. We will change her status to adopted when she is adopted.

*We base our adoption decisions on what is in the best interest of our dogs. Please note our adoption policies are in place for the safety and welfare of our dogs. We are all volunteers and have jobs, families, pets of our own to care for. We do the best that we can to get back to you in a timely manner. We believe in taking time to go through our thorough process to try to match the dog with the best fit for that dog.

*You must be approved to adopt Lucy before we will schedule a meet and greet. We do not transport our dogs.

*AGE: 2 years old (born February 2022)

*WEIGHT: 35 lbs

*FENCE REQUIREMENT: A physical secure fence and yard are required. Lucy enjoys being outside and likes to lay on the deck at her foster house.

*COAT TYPE: soft, curly/wavy low-shedding coat. Her new family should be prepared to brush her coat regularly and have her groomed (approximately $100/groom).

*ENERGY LEVEL: Medium energy. She is excited in the morning and likes to play throughout the day.

*DOGS: Lucy is currently in a foster home with 2 standard Goldendoodles (60 and 75 lbs) and plays and interacts great with them. She has never lived in a home as a solo dog and would be best in a home with another dog, as she can sometimes whimper if left all alone.

*CATS: No experience with cats in foster home.

*KIDS: Fostered in a home with a 12 year old boy and has never had a problem with children.

*CAR: Lucy is good in the car and enjoys rides more when she's being pet.

*CRATE: Lucy is not crated. When left alone, she enjoys laying on her pink rug, or is allowed on the couch in her foster home.

*HOUSE TRAINED: After some adjusting, Lucy has been very good with no accidents in the house. She is on a routine with the other dogs in our home to go out in the morning first thing, after eating, and periodically throughout the day.

*LEASH: Lucy does great on a leash and does not pull at all when walked. She loves going for walks and she is a really great walker.

*VET: Lucy has done well at the vet for both intake and vaccine appointments.

*GROOMING: Lucy enjoys being brushed and likes simple grooming we've done at home. From her previous home, we are told she loves going to the groomer.

Lovely Lucy-Michigan is a gorgeous 2 year old 35 lb. female Mini Goldendoodle. She was surrendered to IDOG by her family who loved her very much but they were going through a divorce and couldn’t keep her.

Lucy loves to be by your side, play inside and outside with her canine friends and take walks. She is housebroken. Lucy is a good eater, sometimes doesn't care much for treats, but will always eat food at breakfast and dinner.

She has not been destructive in the house, but has found her way into a roll of toilet paper or paper towels if left out on accident.

Lucy will bond very strongly when shown unconditional love and attention. She'd like to climb into your lap or on the sofa if you let her. She enjoys staying close to you and loves to lean her head against you for a doggy hug or to scratch her head. She'll likely be at your feet or by your side as much as she is allowed.

We feel the ideal type of home for Lucy is:
-where there is a work-from-home person, someone who is home frequently, or can take her to work with them,
-being in a home with another dog so she always has a connection. She has never lived in a home without other dogs
-where she gets his daily exercise

Lucy is a great dog! Her initial few weeks here she had a few accidents in the house, but that is to be expected; her transition to her forever home may involve a few accidents while she learns the routines of her new family. She has never been fearful, has never shown any aggression to another dog or to any child in our home. She is very sweet!

Adjectives that describe Lucy:

Activities she enjoys:
*playing tug
*meeting new people
*playing with other dogs

Lucy is up to date on core vaccines, spayed, microchipped, & house-trained. She is heartworm negative & current on heartworm/flea/tick preventives.


Our adoption fees are non-refundable. Puppies and highly adoptable dogs have a higher adoption fee to help IDOG cover the vetting and expenses of the other dogs in IDOG whose adoption fees do not cover their expenses. Our expenses are high these days due to increased vetting expenses, board and train costs, medical/health issues and surgery that is needed for some of our dogs. IDOG relies heavily on donations to bridge the gap between our adoption fees and our expenses. Unfortunately donations are down across the board for all rescues.


Adopt LUCY-MICHIGAN on Petfinder (2024)


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Ask a Lot of Questions

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Be honest in your answers and don't lie about anything that you're asked. It's tempting to write down what you think the rescue wants to hear, but this could lead to you matching with a cat or dog who won't fit well in your home environment.

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