Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (2024)

The 66th Grammy Awards were a whirlwind of dazzling performances, emotional speeches, and a few head-scratching moments that left jaws on the floor. While the night celebrated musical excellence, some unexpected occurrences stole the spotlight, leaving viewers wide-eyed and buzzing with questions.

Let’s look at 5 of the Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments you didn’t see coming.

1. Taylor Swift’s Surprise Album Announcement

Queen T never fails to bring the drama, and this year’s Grammys were no exception. Snagging her 13th Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album with “Midnights,” Swift stunned the crowd with the announcement of a brand-new album. Fans were shaken to the core, especially since they were expecting a re-release of “Reputation.” It was a curveball worthy of the “Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments.”

2. SZA’s Lip Syncing Controversy

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (1)

Oh, the drama! Despite being the talk of the town with the most nominations, SZA’s performances of “Snooze” and “Kill Bill” had tongues wagging for all the wrong reasons. Accusations of lip-syncing flooded social media faster than you can say “OMG,” leaving SZA in the crosshairs of internet trolls. It was an undeniable “Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments” that had everyone buzzing.

3. Miley Cyrus’s First Grammy Win As Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (2)

The pop princess herself, Miley Cyrus, finally snagged her first Grammy, and boy, was it a moment. Winning Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit “Flowers,” Miley couldn’t contain her excitement, even sharing a quirky anecdote about battling traffic en route to the ceremony. It was an unexpected victory that definitely qualified as one of the “Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments.”

4. Tracy Chapman’s Triumphant Return

Cue the tears! Tracy Chapman, making her first live TV appearance in nearly a decade, graced the Grammys stage with a soul-stirring rendition of “Fast Car.” Teaming up with Luke Combs, the emotional performance left hearts swelling and eyes watering. It was a rare moment of pure emotion that absolutely deserved a spot on the list of “Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments.”

7. Trevor Noah’s Fourth Consecutive Hosting Gig

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (4)

For the fourth year running, Trevor Noah took center stage as the host of the Grammys. Despite recent controversies in the hosting world, Noah kept the audience entertained with his signature charm and wit. While some may have raised an eyebrow at his continued presence, there’s no denying that he owned the stage yet again. It was a hosting gig that definitely had everyone saying “WTF” in the best way possible.

6. Joni Mitchell’s Grammy Debut

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (5)

Breaking hearts and setting the stage on fire, legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell made her Grammy performance debut. It was a moment of pure magic, leaving fans and fellow artists starry-eyed as they witnessed the icon’s live performance at the Grammys.

7. Billy Joel’s Musical Comeback

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (6)

Hold onto your seats, Upper East Siders, because Billy Joel made a splash with his first new song in 17 years. The beloved musician surprised everyone with his unexpected performance, treating music lovers to a taste of his timeless talent.

8. Boygenius’s Pre-Broadcast Triumph

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (7)

Indie darlings Boygenius, featuring Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, stole the show with three wins before the cameras even started rolling. Their success was a nod to indie music’s rising influence at the Grammys, leaving audiences buzzing with excitement.

9. Dua Lipa’s Electrifying Opener

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (8)

Lights, camera, action! Dua Lipa kicked off the night with a sizzling performance that had everyone on their feet. From her debut of “Training Season” to the infectious beats of “Houdini,” Dua set the tone for a night filled with electrifying energy. She rocked the stage and the audience went gaga. Definitely, my favourite Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments.

10. Killer Mike’s Grammy Arrest

Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (9)

In a shocking twist, rapper Killer Mike found himself in hot water as he was arrested at the Grammys. The details surrounding his detainment remained shrouded in mystery, adding another layer of intrigue to an already unforgettable evening. THIS WINS AS THE “Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments”


The Grammys 2024 was a night of highs and lows, surprises and stumbles. But these WTF moments, for better or worse, are what make award shows so memorable. They spark conversations, challenge expectations, and leave us eagerly anticipating what next year’s ceremony will bring. So, what do you think? Were these moments truly bizarre, or just unexpected highlights? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Grammys 2024 Most WTF Moments You Didn't See Coming (2024)


What was the big surprise at the Grammys in 2024? ›

Taylor Swift makes Grammy history with 'Midnights'

Swift noted on stage it was her lucky 13th Grammy win ("That's my lucky number, I don't know if I told you that?" she joked). Then to shrieks from Swifties in the crowd, the singer announced the April 19 release of a new album, "Tortured Poets Department."

What happened at the 2024 GRAMMYs? ›

The 66th Grammy Awards brought the biggest names in music together Sunday night. Taylor Swift won album of the year for "Midnights" and Victoria Monét won best new artist.

Why did Annie Lennox cry at the Grammys? ›

In an emotional ode to Sinead O'Connor at the Grammys, Annie Lennox performed “Nothing Compares 2 U,” the Irish singer-songwriter's cover of the Prince original that became a No. 1 hit. A forceful performer known for her lilting voice and her political provocations, O'Connor died in July at 56.

What was the big surprise at the end of the Grammys? ›

Celine Dion stunned the Grammys by making a surprise appearance at the end of the ceremony to present the final award for album of the year.

What was the red carpet at the GRAMMYs in 2024? ›

The 2024 GRAMMYs red carpet was stacked with stunning and creative looks. It seems to be the year of the female suit, with boygenius donning matching white ensembles, Romy sparkling in a red pant suit, and Brandi Carlile rocking a bright orange set.

What did Annie Lennox say at the GRAMMYs 2024? ›

After performing “Nothing Compares to U” on Sunday, the singer became the first artist to call for a ceasefire in Gaza at a major awards show this year. “Artists for a ceasefire. Peace in the world,” Lennox said with her fist in the air, as an image of O'Connor displayed in the background.

What were the sound problems at the Grammys 2024? ›

LOW: The sound mixing sounded … off.

Throughout the ceremony, we heard loud crowd chatter while presenters were talking, and there was also a little too much reverb on the mics at certain points. This isn't the first time there've been audio issues at the Grammys, but come on.

How many 2024 GRAMMYs did Taylor Swift win? ›

Taylor Swift won two prizes for Midnights, including album of the year, and Miley Cyrus took home her first two Grammys.

What was the best performance at the 2024 GRAMMYs? ›

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs's duet of 'Fast Car' was the highlight of the night, along with Joni Mitchell's and Annie Lennox's moving ballads. Taylor Swift made history at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, winning album of the year (“Midnights”) for the fourth time — the most any artist has received in that category.

Who was stripped of a Grammy? ›

The next week, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences revoked Milli Vanilli's 1990 Grammy for Best New Artist.

Who is the only person to refuse a Grammy? ›

Despite running for over 60 years, only one artist in the ceremony's history has had the courage to reject the honour. In 1991, Sinêad O'Connor was nominated for 'Best Alternative Music Performance', 'Song of the Year', 'Best Pop Vocal Performance (Female)' and 'Best Music Video – Short Form'.

Who drank out of a Grammy? ›

LOS ANGELES (TND) — Hip-hop star Jay-Z was seen drinking cognac from his Grammy award following his acceptance speech for the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.

Who walked out of the Grammys? ›

Rapper Killer Mike was detained by police at the Grammys immediately after winning three awards. Los Angeles police did not confirm Mike's arrest, but a video from The Hollywood Reporter showed him being marched out of Arena on Sunday night.

Why did Ariana Grande pull out of the Grammys? ›

The whole thing stems from a disagreement over which song Grande would perform on the show. According to Variety, Grande wanted to perform “7 Rings,” her new single, which is currently the #1 song in the country. The producers wanted her to perform something else.

Who was the surprise guest at the Grammys 2024? ›

Céline Dion makes surprise appearance at 2024 Grammys amid battle with stiff-person syndrome. The five-time Grammy winner appeared onstage as a massive surprise at the end of Sunday's ceremony.

What was the Grammy's surprise? ›

Celine Dion surprised Grammy attendees and viewers at Sunday's ceremony with a unannounced appearance. Dion, who is battling stiff person syndrome, presented the award for album of the year, which went to Taylor Swift. The "My Heart Will Go On" singer has five Grammys of her own.

What was the big announcement at the end of the GRAMMYs? ›

Biggest twist: Taylor Swift's album announcement

While accepting the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal, Taylor Swift announced a new album due April 19, The Tortured Poets Department. Many had been expecting Swift to announce that Reputation would be next up in her rerecording project. Read more about the new album here.

What were the sound problems at the GRAMMYs 2024? ›

LOW: The sound mixing sounded … off.

Throughout the ceremony, we heard loud crowd chatter while presenters were talking, and there was also a little too much reverb on the mics at certain points. This isn't the first time there've been audio issues at the Grammys, but come on.

What is the highlight of the Grammy Award 2024? ›

Grammy 2024 highlights: Taylor Swift not only announced a new album, she won her 14th Grammy – Album of the Year for Midnights. Zakir Hussain made India proud. Grammy 2024 highlights: Zakir Hussain accepts the award for Best Global Music Performance for Pashto; Taylor Swift won Album of the Year.

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