HP Care Pack Buying Guide (2024)

When purchasing a new PC, it’s easy to overlook warranty options or decline coverage altogether for one reason or another. Maybe you don’t think you need it because you take great care of your devices, or perhaps you’d rather not tack on additional costs. The thing is, PCs may require repairs for various reasons, often outside your control.

When considering coverage for a new PC, it’s important to first think about your needs. For instance, will you require immediate repairs if something goes awry? Or could you wait a day or two for service? Also think about whether you’re prone to causing damage to or losing your device, and whether you want those covered by your warranty.

With the HP Care Pack system, which is available with any new device from HP, you can choose from flexible options depending on the type of coverage you want. The coverage options also depend on the device that you purchase, because printers and laptops, for instance, have varying levels of protection depending on the specific item.


  • What is an HP Care Pack?
  • Benefits of the HP Care Pack
  • What does HP extended warranty cover?
  • Types of HP Care Pack coverage
  • HP Care Packs available to purchase
  • Summary

What is an HP Care Pack?

An HP Care Pack is an upgrade or extension of the standard 1-year warranty that HP offers with all of its devices. With the standard warranty, HP provides the repair or replacement of parts that may be defective, and it also covers shipping costs for these repairs – something that not all PC manufacturers do.

The HP Care Pack is an upgrade on top of the standard warranty, available for purchase. There are HP Care Pack coverage options available for different lines of desktops, laptops, printers, and business PCs.

Benefits of the HP Care Pack

One of the greatest advantages of HP Care Pack coverage is the number of options you have at your disposal. Depending on the services you choose, you can add accidental damage protection, theft and loss protection, and even next-business-day, onsite hardware support for HP desktops and laptops.

1. Accidental damage protection

Get stress-free coverage for accidental damage protection (ADP) to cover drops, spills, power surges, and more. Whether it’s your work-from-home device, your child’s school-from-home Chromebook, or the family workstation, accidents can happen to anyone. Supplement your free manufacturer’s warranty with an ADP Care Pack for added peace of mind.

2. Advanced exchange hardware support

You can add up to 3 years of next-business-day [1] advanced exchange hardware support to your plan, depending on your device. It’s available with select business laptops, and allows you to have a replacement unit shipped by the next business day in the event that you (or an IT professional at your business) can’t repair it through remote technical assistance.

3. Remote technical assistance

Another great benefit of the HP Care Pack services? Remote technical assistance. PC issues are often tied to software and not hardware, so it’s possible you may be able to resolve your problem remotely. And you’ll do so with step-by-step help from HP tech support and installation service teams, who will make sure you’ve done everything possible before you need to physically send in your printer or computer.

4. Seven-day turn-around for repairs

If you do need to ship your device to an HP-designated repair center, you can feel confident knowing that your device will be repaired and shipped back within 7 business days.

One final core benefit is that you can add the HP Care Pack coverage to your existing standard warranty. As soon as the initial year lapses, your HP Care Pack will immediately pick up the slack.


• HP hardware next-business-day advance exchange service (depending on the package)
• Next-business-day onsite hardware support for HP desktops and laptops
• Device repair by experts with genuine HP parts
• Optional accidental damage protection that covers spills, drops, falls, and more
• Optional theft protection
• Remote telephone support
• HP installation service
• Offsite repair and replacement
• Adds post-warranty coverage after the standard warranty expires

What does HP extended warranty cover?

HP extended warranty provides 24/7 remote technical assistance. This around-the-clock service is essential and it’s available from anywhere in the world, you can even use it if your laptop stops working during a trip abroad. You can access remote technical assistance either via a telephone call or chat support, both of which will help you diagnose any problems with your PC.

Unlike many other forms of insurance, the coverage is refundable through a rebate program if you don't use your warranty throughout its lifespan. This means there’s really no risk to buying it – it’s there in case you need it, and you’ll get your money back in the form of a rebate if you don’t.

Another great perk? The HP extended warranty covers shipping costs when you do need to send in your device to a designated repair center. Then, once they receive your device, they’ll finish the repairs and send it back to you within 7 business days. Depending on the plan you choose, you can opt to receive offsite or onsite repairs.


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• 24/7 remote technical assistance
• Included shipping costs for depot repairs (through prepaid shipping label and box)
• Repairs, parts and labor, and device replacements if needed
• Other services can be added depending on your needs
• Rebate program: if you don't use your warranty you can get your money back

Types of HP Care Pack coverage

There are a variety of HP Care Packs to choose from. Each offers something different, with plans available for different models of laptops, desktops, printers, and business PCs. All plans offer between 2 to 3 years of coverage, although you can only generally extend post-warranty plans for up to 1 year.

Every type of HP Care Pack is cost-effective. All coverage options come with 24/7 support, even when traveling. You can also find accidental damage and theft protection coverage for many laptop models, which is ideal for those who want to safeguard their computers from harm.

While the features of your personal HP Care Pack purchase will vary, you can expect yours to include some of the following coverage:

Onsite protection plan: Covers on-site, next-business-day service and provides 24/7 technical support
Post-warranty plan: Extended device protection after your base warranty expires.
Onsite protection plan with accidental damage coverage: Allows for repair or replacement for accidental drops, spills, or electrical surges.
Onsite laptop protection with theft protection coverage: If your device is stolen, HP can lock your device, track it. If the device is not recoverable then it can be replaced. Also offers hard drive wipes in the event of recovery.
Offsite protection plan: Cost-effective alternative to onsite protection plan, covers shipping to depot, repairs, and parts and labor. Repairs are completed within 7 business days.
Onsite and offsite protection plans: These are for either 2 or 3 years. Note that the post-warranty plan is generally for 1 year.

HP Care Packs available to purchase

There are 4 categories of HP Care Packs available for purchase, and they depend on the type of device you’re buying. As we’ve mentioned, you can receive coverage for just about any device you purchase from HP, within these categories:

Laptop Care Packs: Available for laptops including the HP OMEN X, select HP Pavilions, and HP Spectres.
Desktop Care Packs: Available for desktop PCs including select HP ENVYs and HP Pavilions.
Printer Care Packs: Available for HP LaserJet, HP ENVY and HP DeskJet models, and more.


An HP Care Pack offers incredible value and is worth considering with any eligible HP device. Many of the HP extended warranty options cover accidental damage and theft – a rarity among manufacturer warranties – and they also offer unparalleled service and support for any repairs or replacements for your device.

When selecting an HP Care Pack for your new computer or printer, carefully consider all of the options depending on what you think you may need, including accidental damage and theft protection. Even if you don't end up using your HP extended warranty, you can receive a rebate for the cost of the plan, making it a no-brainer to add coverage at checkout.

[1] HP Care Pack service levels and response times may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and limitations apply. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/cpc. HP Services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of purchase. Customer may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.

HP Care Pack Buying Guide (2024)


Is it worth getting the HP Care Pack? ›

Lifespan of your device

If you want to use your product for at least 2 or 3 years, an HP Care Pack is a wise choice. However, if, for example, you want to replace your computer immediately after the standard warranty expires (after one year), you do not need an HP Care Pack.

Can I buy HP Care Pack after purchase? ›

Care Packs can be purchased at time of sale of supported product or within 90 days purchase.

Does HP Care Pack cover battery replacement? ›

All types of batteries, by default, only have a 1 Year warranty unless an HP Care Pack with Battery Support is purchased. This extends battery support to the full term of the HP Care Pack purchased.

What is HP 3 year Care Pack with pickup and return service? ›

HP 3 Year Care Pack with Pickup and Return Service – Essential Desktops. Enjoy quick pickup, repair and return of your PC. There are no coverage limits or hidden fees. We'll repair your device within 7 business days using HP original...

Does the HP Care Pack cover repairs? ›

Parts and labor, replacements, even return shipping — it's all covered by your Care Pack.

What is an HP 2 year care pack? ›

An HP Care Pack is an upgrade or extension of the standard 1-year warranty that HP offers with all of its devices. With the standard warranty, HP provides the repair or replacement of parts that may be defective, and it also covers shipping costs for these repairs – something that not all PC manufacturers do.

Can I replace my HP laptop battery myself? ›

Replacing a laptop battery may require expert tech assistance to avoid damaging the fragile internal components and electrical systems due to electro-static discharge. Most notebook/laptop batteries are internal and as a result require replacement by a professional technician.

How long does a HP replacement battery last? ›

How long does a laptop battery last? Laptop batteries usually only last from 2 to 4 years, which amounts to about 1,000 charges. However, there are a few factors that determine how long a battery will last before it finally gives out: The material that the laptop battery is made from.

Is HP care pack transferable? ›

HP Care Packs are transferable to a new owner, which adds value to the device because the new owner can continue to receive the HP extended warranty support.

Is HP Care Pack refundable? ›

Complimentary cancellation. Full refunds for prepaid HP Care Pack support services are available from the place of purchase only if Customer cancels within thirty (30) days of the start date of the Agreement, and provided no HP Care Pack support services have been provided by HP prior to cancellation.

How do I activate my HP Care Pack warranty? ›

Step-by-step registration and activation of your HP Care Pack Service
  1. Online - Click here to start registration.
  2. By phone - Call 1-844-385-2353, option 1,2.
  3. By email - Contact srg@hp.com.

How to get HP laptop replacement? ›

Visit a HP Laptop product page and click on “Apply Exchange”. Enter your location, your old device and payment details. A quote will be generated based on the condition of your laptop.

Is an HP laptop extended warranty worth it? ›

In short, unexpected accidents lead to hefty out-of-pocket expenses. Unless, of course, you've invested in an HP Care Pack. It should be clear that extended warranty coverage helps you avoid those nasty, unexpected out-of-pocket repair expenses.

What is included in HP Care Pack? ›

If you purchase an HP Care Pack during the warranty period, then HP Care Pack will upgrade your warranty coverage by providing you extra services such as free technical phone support to remotely troubleshoot any issue, free pick up of your device for repair, free repair or replacement and, finally, free return service.

Do you need virus protection on HP? ›

New viruses are created and released often, and without antivirus software, the files and folders on the computer are at risk.

Is HP Support Assistant worth it? ›

Whether you're on your computer every day or use it occasionally, the HP Support Assistant is a helpful tool. The app has many benefits, including direct access to your device's warranty information, software updates, direct support, and more.

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