Updated: Which 9Anime is Real? (2024)

Are you wondering "which 9Anime is real" or "whether the 9Anime website you’re using is an official one"? This post delves into and gathers the real 9Anime website, along with its verified mirrors, helping you stream and download anime safely.

Note: 9Anime has been rebranded to AniWave by the end of 2023 because of DMCA issues and multiple ISPs blocking the domain.

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9Anime is one of the most visited anime streaming websites. It is loaded with a huge catalog of anime series & movies and provides a stable solution to stream high-quality anime online. But searching on the Internet, we can find that there are many anime websites that have highly similar interfaces and domains with the original 9Anime website, which makes us hard to distinguish which 9Anime is real. Actually, using your browser search filter is not a good way to sort the genuine site from numerous imitators since most official 9Anime links have been removed from search results page because of copyright claims. So which is the real 9Anime website and how to access it?

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Part 1. The Real 9Anime Website

The best way to identify the real 9Anime website is to go to the official Twitter page of 9Anime. As the 9Anime official Twitter claims, the official 9Anime website is 9anime.to aniwave.to.

Updated: Which 9Anime is Real? (2)

Sometimes, the 9Anime Official updates relevant information on its twitter page to alert users for being careful about fake websites.

Updated: Which 9Anime is Real? (3)

The 9Anime subreddit is also a good place where you can verify the real 9Anime website: https://www.reddit.com/r/9anime/

Just open the official 9Anime subreddit page, scroll down and head to the right Important Links sidebar where the official 9anime links are listed.

Updated: Which 9Anime is Real? (4)

If you need an ultimate answer to which 9Anime is real, we have also investigated and summarized all latest real 9Anime websites for you:
The Primary Sites:
The two URLs will direct you to the official main 9Anime websites.

Meanwhile, 9Anime has a proxy website, which is the only site that can be found through the browser search bar: https://9anime.zone/
The purpose of 9anime.zone is to offer access to the official 9Anime sites.

Part 2. Reliable 9Anime Mirror Links

There are also a few verified mirrors and redirected links that will bring you to the real 9Anime (AniWave) websites. On the basis of announcements on official 9Anime social pages and our validation, these 9Anime (AniWave) links are safe to use:


As of this writing, all these links can direct you to the official 9Anime websites and the mirrors. If you stumble upon a domain that isn’t included in the list above, you’d better double check the authenticity or turn to the official links.
Plus, if you meet 9Anime not working issues when watching anime, you may try a different link in the list.

Part 3. Extended Tips - Good 9Anime Replacements

The shutdown of Kissanime suggests how important it is to have backup options in our collection of anime websites. Whilst 9Anime is an exceptionally stable platform in this field, finding some good alternatives is a still a good practice in case of unexpected errors.
We have compiled 20 Sites like 9Anime (AniWave) to Stream Anime Online. You can go to the post to check out more details.

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In Summary

Which 9Anime is real? Generally, 9Anime.to is the most recommended official 9anime website. At this moment, there is also a hub of the official websites named 9anime.zone. In addition to the two websites, a list of official mirror links is available as shown above. Hopefully, this post will be useful for you.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with third-party websites, and will never advocate any copyright infringement action. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Updated: Which 9Anime is Real? (2024)
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